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About Upper Island Cove

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Welcome to our unique and beautiful town which has much to offer in addition to its magnificent scenery. Upper Island Cove is a unique town both in its physical location and its culture. The town was once known as “The Walled City” because it is built at the bottom of high cliffs. Like many communities on the Avalon our town is built on very rugged terrain. People removed rocks to farm the land. The rocks were then used to build rock walls as boundaries. The rock walls can be seen today.


According to the Berry Census of 1675, the population was fourteen. The current population is approximately 1,142 (2016 census). A number of today’s residents are descendants of these early fishermen from England and Ireland.

The Town Flag

The Town Flag of Upper Island Cove incorporates the Union Jack (UK) first recognized in 1801, the Maple Leaf (Canada) which raised for the first time in an inau guration ceremony on Parliament Hill on February 15, 1965, and the Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador (designed by Newfoundland artist Christopher Pratt) which was introduced in 1980.

Musical Ties

Since the early days of settlement, music, songs and stories have been handed down from generation to generation. Stories of Fairies or Little People who play evil tricks on inhabitants and stories of ghosts are still told. Music and song is a very big part of Upper Island Cove and the community is well known for its many musicians, singers and storytellers. Greeley’s Reel and Mid Life Crisis are two well-known musical groups with ties to our town.
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