Town Office: (709) 589-2503

Volunteer Fire Department

The Upper Island Cove Fire Department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year, and is fully VOLUNTEER.


There are three equally important elements of a Fire Department:
* Emergency Response
* Fire Prevention; and
* Public Education


Each element is critical and represents public safety for our community. Our Fire Department has a special set of responsibilities and must continue to develop and expand its role within our town, and strive to not only meet, but exceed, expectations in the areas of the three elements noted.


Our department has 26 members, and are fully trained in First Response, and Fire Fighting Capabilities, and respond to all medical calls, and are equipped with oxygen and defibrillator on board.


If you have any concerns regarding Fire prevention, or fire safety please contact any member of the fire department, and we would be glad to assist you.

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Volunteer Fire Department Members - 2021

Harvey Mercer – Fire Chief

Darren Mercer – 1st Assistant Chief

Shane Mercer – 2nd Assistant Chief

Cody Parsons–1st Captain

Harold Mercer – 2nd Captain

Rebecca Mercer – 1st Lieutenant

Walter Linthorne – 2nd Lieutenant

Wade Bradbury

Stephen Walsh

Larry Mercer

Gregory Butt

Craig Dobbin

Warren Adams

Raymond Sharpe

Richard Mercer

Don Mercer

John Drover (HON)

Wayne Bishop

Sean Gaul

Robin Drover

David Mercer

Dave Meaney

Keith Reid

Colin Lynch

Brandon Linthorne

Justin Drover

Firettes - 2021

Donna Sharpe
Debbie Linthorne
Roxanne Mercer

Justine Butt

Alisha Linthorne

Annette Mercer

Frances Walsh
Nicole Walsh
Kerri-Lynn Mercer

Contact UIC
Fire Department

Fire Chief: Harvey Mercer
Telephone: (709) 589-2881
Emergency: (709) 589-2000