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Upper Island Cove is a unique town both in its physical location and its culture. The town was once known as “The Walled City” because it is built at the bottom of high cliffs. According to the Berry Census of 1675, the population was fourteen. The current population is 1774 (2001 census). A number of today's residents are descendents of these early fishermen from England and Ireland.

The town is located about 110km from the capital city of St. John's off Route 70, the Conception Bay Highway, between the towns of Harbour Grace and Spaniard's Bay. There are three entrances / exits to the town from Route 70: one through “the Thicket Road” between Harbour Grace and Tilton and two entrances from Spaniard’s Bay: one through the scenic Bishop’s Cove Shoreline and the other through Crane’s Road. See Google Map showing location > >



Upper Island Cove
Rock Walls built by Early Settlers


Greeley's ReelUpper Island Cove, like many communities on the Avalon is built on very rugged terrain. People had to remove rocks in order to farm the land. The rocks were then used to build rock walls that served as boundaries between properties. The rock walls can still be seen today.


Since the early days of settlement, music, songs and stories have been handed down from generation to generation. Stories of Fairies or Little People who play evil tricks on inhabitants and stories of ghosts are still told. Music and song is a very big part of Upper Island Cove and the community is well known for its many musicians, singers and story tellers. Greeley's Reel and Mid Life Crisis are two well known musical groups with ties to our town.



Mid Life Crisis - Cupids- New Year's Party -2010
Mid Life Crisis - Cupids- New Year's Party -2010
Don Crane - (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar) Chad Crocker - (Lead Guitar & Vocals) Paul Sheppard - (Bass Guitar & Vocals) Greg Parsons - (Drums & Vocals)