Upper Island Cove Town Council Members.

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Philip Lundrigan – Major Email: plundrigan@nf.sympatico.ca Telephone: 709-589-2335

Cindy Dobbin – Deputy Mayor Email:cindydobbin@upperislandcove.ca Telephone: 709-589-2549

Steven Greeley
Steven Greeley – Councillor Email: stevengreeley@upperislandcove.ca Telephone: 709-594-2069

Darren Mercer
Darren Mercer -Councillor Email: dmercer_townuic@eastlink.ca Telephone: 709-589-2300 

David Lundrigan– Councillor Email:seasidelounge@hotmail.com Telephone: 589-4444

Brian Drover– Councillor Email:briandrover@upperislandcove.ca Telephone: 589-3922

Gary Barrett– Councillor gbarrett26@Hotmail.com Telephone: 594-2005


Committees of Council
Finance - Brian Drover and Cindy Dobbin
Public Works - Darren Mercer and Gary Barrett
Planning & Development - Steven Greeley and David Lundrigan
Liaison for Fire Department - Darren Mercer
Liaison for Parks and Recreation - Steven Greeley